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Fate Heralds a Queen

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fate Heralds a Queen Born of

Inspiration from a Monastic Dream

We never recognise the hand that guides us

Until we look back upon life’s seemingly errant course

For us

Life is a crisscross of events

That determined we should find one another

As a constellation that heralds great things in the midnight sky

Our meeting was long foretold

A portent of visions waiting to unfold

Now in this very moment

We are strangers lost in a void

Bearing a love that is not contingent upon latent desires of the flesh

Bound together in a passionate dance

To a song that resonates in tune with the sound of creation

We are both yin and yang

Alpha and omega

Taking excitation from the universe that guides us

Awaiting every experience

To reveal once again what is locked inside our souls

As two perspectives return to the source

Our arrival will see great energies flow

So that the beauty in the world will never quite shine the same again

A reply to the poem; Monastic Dreams, by Ariel Moonfire.
Thank you for stirring my soul today Teflon, you remain my beautiful friend x


Anonymous said...

Love to you, Antonio <3 Your garden of verses has become a bouquet of flowery poems, and it isn't even spring yet! It's this kind of sincerity that brings real warmth....and hopefully your Queen soon ;) xxx ~~Ariel

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