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Je suis le bouffon du mal

Monday, 3 January 2011

Je suis le bouffon du mal

To politicians who come in all shapes and sizes
I serve notice to you no matter your cheap ass disguises
I am the evil jester
Speaker of all that is unsaid
I reside in the heart of the clown
That tries to get inside your head
I see you point and stare
With pretend debonair
Whilst your laughter is reflected upon my back
Small minded
But I am the fool
Tutored to withstand such mock adulation
Whilst entertaining with mental funambules
Your hands wringing
Clap clap clapping
The truth of the matter
I can remove my grotesque disguise
Remove my gaze from your soulless eyes
And turn my ears from your sickened jibes
Because I deal in truths
And the problem with your basic ass kissers
Who would like to arise in my disguise
They are victims of your pathetic cries
Poor bovine minions with cow like eyes
They continue to drink from an illusion of trust
Offering hero worship
That you prey upon with narcistic lust
Too humble to speak
But speak you must
Because you feed off the weak
An egotistical lust
So it is left to my evil jester
To speak for the just
He kisses nobody's ass
And is immune to your touch
Because if his cry frees one mind from under your wings
My evil Jester will be right to have spoken unspeakable things

To Lauren Delp, Thank you for giving me the inspiration to don the mask xx

Definition: Politician
One who seeks personal or partisan gain, often by scheming and maneuvering.

Definition: funambules
French reference to an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination. Historically used in reference to a clown.


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