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Revenge is the forgiveness of angels

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Revenge is the forgiveness of angels

They say to err is human and to forgive is divine
But the thoughts of revenge come again unbidden to my mind
Long I have contained this sense of vengeance
With my heart bound tight
As humans dispense a justice
That is bought and paid for by richer men
Silently I count the moments of acceptance with rejection
Deciding instead to sharpen my wits and hone my martial skill
To be at my best when justice visits this land
Because if God dealt in justice
Surely He will strike evil with my righteous hand
But could I relieve one of life
Render a gift of God unmade
Could I break the first rule of being
That thou shalt not kill
Perhaps not
Because I am always reminded that vengeance is His
So I wait and pray
That upon this person’s death
I will be present to have my say
That it will be by my will
This person does not see the light of another brand new day
But of course
In the end
This is not His way
He would spare me this burden
So He sends an angel
Is it coincidence that a murderer should meet their fate
In the very same way as the life they stole away
Do unto others as you would have done to you
A murderer is never murdered
They are called to account
To stand before the only one who can truly forgive
But their sins need first to be purged
So He sends an angel
So that I might live and love again
A testimony to a memory
Leaving the Divine to the act of His forgiveness
Wouldn't it be a blessing if it was this easy
But if it is not this way
That revenge is not hatred poorly conceived
I will continue to believe in angels
And live my life with my soul now at ease


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